New Book Jackets

new book jacket for Magorian's Cuckoo In The NesToday Egmont Publishing rebrands A Spoonful Of Jam and Cuckoo In The Nest with brand new book jackets.

They retail in paperback for £7.99 each and new covers for Just Henry and A Little Love Song will be released on the 7th May.




‘The novels are standalone stories but there is chronological progression and often subtle links between subsidiary characters, so we wanted them to look collectable as well as beautiful”
Egmont Publishing

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The Bookwitch – Michelle Magorian In The Limelight

Bookwitch interviews Michelle Magorian

Here’s a lovely interview that Michelle did with The Bookwitch

Michelle Magorian in the Limelight

“If anyone had told me ten years ago that I’d be able to put together a few questions for Michelle Magorian, and that she’d actually answer them for me, and take the time to check that she hadn’t written too much (too much? – Impossible!), would have seemed close to unbelievable.

There is a love and respect for Michelle both among ‘ordinary’ readers and among her peers, which stands out. She’s not the most famous author in the world, nor the richest, but there is something about the way people have a special room in their hearts for her and Mister Tom.

I loved her new novel Impossible! and I felt I wanted to ask her about it, and why it took so much longer to appear in print than you’d expect from a ‘Michelle Magorian novel.’ Why didn’t publishers tear it from her hands? Here is Michelle with – nearly all – the answers:” Read more >>>>

Impossible! – Book Launch Events

The book jacket for Michelle Magorian's new book Impossible!We are delighted to announce that Michelle’s new book Impossible! is available in all good book shops now.

Michelle will be appearing at a few events around the country and the official launch will be held at Theatre Royal, Stratford East on 1st December. I asked Michelle why they wanted to use that particular venue for the launch and she wrote this by way of explanation:

“Twelve-year-old Josie, a tomboy from a working class background, is in her first term at a London stage school, which turns out to be more like a finishing school for the upper classes. She is firmly told that there is little possibility of her being given an acting role with a professional company until the following year. Fortunately she is offered one in an American comedy. Unfortunately she is mistaken for one of the other cast members and kidnapped. Read more >>>>

Two Festival Appearances!

I’m very happy to announce that I will be appearing at both the Chalk Valley History Festival and the Festival of Chichester 2014.

Chalk Valley History FestivalIn April I was asked to write an article for the History Hub on the Chalk Valley History Festival Website. I hope it will wet your appetite for my talk, which is on 26th June 2014 at 17:00. Click on the picture to the left to buy tickets.



Michelle Magorian at the Festival of Chichester 2014If you can’t make that, then I hope you can join me at Chichester Library (tickets only £3!) on July 1st at 19.30.

Here’s a link to book tickets for that Festival of Chichester 2014 event.

I hope to see you there!

News just in: You can buy the brand new Back Home copies at Michelle’s talk at the Festival of Chichester 2014 on July 1st – two days ahead of publication

You can buy the brand new Back Home copies at Michelle’s talk at the Festival of Chichester 2014 on July 1st! – See more at:
You can buy the brand new Back Home copies at Michelle’s talk at the Festival of Chichester 2014 on July 1st! – See more at:


Living Together Again

Living Together Again

Cuckoo In the Nest and A Spoonful of Jam

 (Written at the request of members of Book Clubs.)

May 2013

Original Cover of Cuckoo In The Nest By Michelle Magorian Illustrated by Anthony Kerins

Original Jacket by Anthony Kerins

It was while I was carrying out research for my second novel Back Home that I became aware of the problems facing families who had to adjust to living together after having been separated during the Second World War.

(Penguin Customer Service Number for Back Home is 0870 607 7600) Back Home tells the story of a girl returning to England from America after five years. Like many shocked, disorientated and lonely sea-evacuees she is faced with bombed streets, rationing, having to live with relatives who are strangers and being expected to behave like an English girl.

After its publication a theatre director approached me and told me that evacuees in England also had difficulties living with their families again. He had been sent to Devon where he had lived for years with two elderly unmarried sisters. He had loved his time there and had planned to be a farmer.

His father, however, on returning from serving overseas, insisted that he come home and begin an apprenticeship. He was bitterly unhappy. What helped him cope was his evening work at two Variety theatres.

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Best Entertainment And Family Olivier Award For The Play Of Goodnight Mister Tom

Yesterday it was announced that the play of Goodnight Mister Tom has won the Olivier Award for Best Entertainment And Family!

“I’m absolutely delighted for the cast. They are an incredibly talented and lovely group of people and Oliver Ford Davies is stunning as Mister Tom, making people laugh one minute and well up with tears the next. After the West End run, when they were touring they were often doing two shows and sometimes three shows a day on top of having to find places to live.

By an extraordinary coincidence, the choreographer of the musical version of Goodnight Mister Tom, Bill Deamer, who saved the day on its opening night in Manchester in 1995 also won an award tonight for Best Choreographer (Top Hat).

The boy playing William had fallen ill and lost his voice. There was a packed house and it looked as though the performance would have to be cancelled.

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Play As Cast – Not Typecast

Michelle Magorian plays a "down and out" in Mayor Barbara by George Bernard Shaw

‘Play as cast’ were the words written on a long term acting contract with a repertory theatre company. I was not only fortunate enough to have been offered these contracts but my work was mostly in theatres that were three and a half weekly rep.

For six days a week these companies would have three weeks to rehearse a new play or musical followed by the technical and dress rehearsals, while giving six evening performances and two matinees of the preceding production. Each month we would be given the cast list for the following play/musical and would be expected to play whatever was thrown at us. Occasionally I was cast as more than one character in the same piece.

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Q & A Session With Michelle Magorian At The Bridewell Theatre In London on December 18th

Tower_Theatre_Company_posterI’m happy to announce that I will be appearing at a Question and Answer session on the 18th December after the Tower Theatre Company’s production of Goodnight Mister Tom, The Musical. The Q & A session is FREE to those who have tickets for the Wednesday performance. To secure a ticket please make sure you book in advance!

The shows are at 7.30pm on Tuesday 17th  through to Saturday 21st December and there is a matinee at 3pm onSaturday 21st December.

<<< Click on the poster for more details and to book a ticket.

Break a leg’ to the cast and company and hope to see you there with a question on the 18th.

Independent Bookshops

Photo by Dave Pearson

Photo by Dave Pearson

I recently came across an article Not In Chains, which was written by Doug McLean in the Spring 2006 edition of The Author.

In it he puts the arguments for supporting our independent bookshops beautifully, Read more >>>>

Guest Writer Ben Davis talks about playing William Beech for The North Devon Allstarz

Ben Davis who plays William BeechHi I’m Ben Davis and I have the honour of playing William Beech for North Devon All Starz at The Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple.

When I read the book I felt sad for William, his mum was mean to him and didn’t know how to look after him properly, he hadn’t ever celebrated his birthday and he had no friends until Zach, who died trying to find William. I imagine he always felt scared of what might happen next. Read more >>>>

Back Home To Be Serialised On BBC Radio 4 Extra

BBC Radio 4 extra serialises Michelle Magorian's Back Home

We have just heard that the excellent four-part radio serialisation of Back Home is to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 extra starting this Sunday, 23rd June at 09:00 and 17:00. The broadcast stars Mary Wimbush.

For The Archers fans amongst you, Mary played Nigel’s formidable Mother, Julia Pargetter.

Click on the image above to listen.

(For those of you  who live outside the UK, you can still listen after the show is broadcast by downloading it from the iPlayer.)

(First broadcast: Sunday 08 May 2011)